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In Moving To Germany Welcome to MoveToGermany.org
MoveToGermany have helped thousands of doctors and nurses in acquiring their medical practicing license
and starting a job in Germany that takes them to the path of German permanent residence. Due to high demand,
our medical professionals on average start their job in Germany within 30 days of arrival. Contact us and we will
evaluate your profile and provide you with an initial assessment to see if you would be eligible to migrate to
Germany as a working Doctor or Nurse.
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We are a professional immigration
& Citizenship Consulting Firm

We have been helping thousands of medical professionals start their careers in Germany and helped them in gaining German residency.

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Take step towards a brighter future and we will help you achieve your goals.

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Movetogermany.org is committed to bring change to everyday peoples lives across continents. With this mission in mind we strive to present innovative programs to all levels of youth to help them find employment in most economically promising regions and professions around the world by providing required skills, training and opportunity.

In order to make this possible we are providing high demand skills and training programs for our clients to easily find jobs that are available in the regions we focus. We developed our training programs and imparting skills set with this objective in mind. We are aware of the financial and economical struggle of young professionals to get trained and find a job while trying to provide for their families. So, we created and designed programs that help students to support themselves and their family by availing scholarships for most of our skills training programs or study programs where they can have world class best quality education tuition free.
We’re here to help you every step of the way and our slogan is your success.

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  • Arabic
  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Filipino
  • Hindi/Urdu

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We have been counselling students for educational opportunities in Foreign countries. Fusce non mi at nisl laoreet pretium. Nulla ut elementum sapien an pulvinar augue.

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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Rehman is licensed by ICCRC as an Immigration professional and licensed under FWRISA as recruiter of foreign workers to Canada. He is Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, appointed by Office of Attorney General, and he is a Licensed PI in the province of Ontario. He has rich experience in representing numerous satisfied clients and make frequent appearances on immigration matters in immigration tribunals of Ontario. He has extensive experience in helping clients with true and expert immigration advice.
Regional Manager – UAE, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon & Bahrain Huzaifa is a seasoned Immigration professional. Skilled workers Visas, Business Immigration and international study programs. He has helped thousands of people during his career in successfully moving abroad to countries like Canada, Germany and Other parts of Europe. He is Skilled in ensuring timely resolution of client queries and responsible for promptly communicating with the clients. He is highly focused on customer satisfaction and help every client with individual attention.
Managing Director Selina is passionate about international travel, organizing (just about anything), and marketing. With a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from University Of West London, Selina has worked with the Movetogermany.org team as a founding member and now plays an integral role in overseeing strategy and operations for movetogermany.org and our various projects. She is driven by the success of our clients and passionate about helping professionals in finding new careers abroad.


Currently, around 1.2 million jobs places are unfilled. A new law is therefore intended to open access to the German labor market.


Doctors, physiotherapists and nurses, IT specialists, engineers and craftsmen in the construction industry and more..


Academics with a university degree recognized in Germany and workers with qualified professional training recognized in Germany.


Salaries must also meet the market salary rate for the proposed position. salary level starting from €41,808 per year (2019)

German Language Certification

You will study our 4 month online German language course and get the language certifications A1,A2,B1& B2 that are mandatory for you to qualify for any medical job in Germany.


German Practicing License

Our team will take care of getting you the medical practicing license necessary for you to start your job in Germany.


German Work Visa

We will provide detailed guidance and assistance for applying your German work visa.


Welcome to Germany

Once you land in germnay, we will provide free one month accomdation and arrange interviews with our partner clinics and hospitals.


Starting Your Job

100% of our nursing clients start their job within the 1st month of landing into Germany.


Since 2001 We have
branches all over world

We have been helping respected business entrepreneur in moving to Canada under various business immigration programs for over two decades.


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