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Nurses Job Program

Nurses Job Program
Get your German NursingPractice License& Work Visa

About the Program Section

Germany is undergoing far-reaching demographic change. As people live ever longer lives and the proportion of older people in our society increases, there is a wider need for inpatient and outpatient care services. Hospitals, nursing homes and other care providers are finding it harder and harder to recruit and retain skilled nursing staff. Recruiting skilled healthcare and nursing staff is therefore a key challenge for Germany.

Working in nursing

Nurses and geriatric nurses are responsible for monitoring, providing advice to and caring for patients, whether in hospitals, care homes or the patients’ homes. Depending on their specialisation and their qualifications, some nursing professionals may also be charged with documenting and evaluating care procedures, following doctors’ orders and assisting doctors in their work. Talking to patients’ families forms another important part of the nursing profession’s work. In light of demographic change, the demand for skilled geriatric nurses is rapidly increasing. It is expected that by 2050, more than twice as many people will be in need of care. This means that securing an adequate number of skilled nursing staff is an important challenge for Germany. In order to face up to this challenge, a number of different strategies have been devised.

Why Germany

The German government has announced 130,000 more jobs for hospitals and care homes, but there is still a shortage of qualified medical staff. Germany faces

a massive lack of medical care personnel, which means many hospitals are overburdened. Currently, roughly 1 million people work in the country’s nursing industry.

  • • It is projected that 3 million nurses will be needed by 2060, given Germany's aging population. In late 2015, there were 2.9 million individuals in need of care — by 2030, this figure is expected to rise to 4.1million.
  • • Currently, an open geriatric nursing position remains unfilled for an average of 171 days, the worst average among allprofessions.
  • • The number of people requiring old-age care continues to rise in a trend that is expected to last until2060.
  • • The share of geriatric nurses from abroad has likewise been rising for years and is currently at 11percent.

Advantages of working and living in Germany

  • Good salary: 2500 – 3,000 € plus Sundays and holidays are paid in overtime.
  • Germany is one of the safest countries to live and settle.
  • Permanent residence is possible in less than five years.
  • Applicant’s spouse can obtain an open work permit.
  • Germany has a public health care system for which all the family members are eligible.
  • Children’s entire world class education is free in Germany including university.


Eligibility requirement

Equivalence of diploma:

In general, graduate students from different countries who have diplomas or degree in Medical Field, such as Nurses, cannot have the direct equivalence in Germany.

We take care of assisting graduated Nurses and Doctors to prepare and process the Equivalent application in Germany.



Working as temporary Nurse for 24 months with a salary scale: 2000-2200 Euro

After B2 level work as Registered Nurse with a salary scale: 2500 – 3000 Euro

  • Working hours and paid holiday: 40 hour working week, flexitime, 24 days paid holiday per annum


Registered nurse for employment in the previous mentioned areas which in all cases includes basic care of the patient

Professional/Academic qualifications: You are a state examined and registered nurse with at least 3 years of vocational or academic training and a minimum of 2 years work experience

Location and duration: You are prepared to move to Germany and work at one of our clinics or care homes for at least three years


are offered for nurses in these areas:

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Psychosomatics
  • Nursing in aged care



  • A healthcare group operating a total of 19 specialised clinics and senior residential homes in 6 different locations in Germany
  • A family-run business with a tradition of providing high-quality health services for more than 30 years


  • Nursing Diploma/Degree including theory/practice modules
  • Nursing license of home country
  • Certificates of professional experience
  • Certificate of good health & Police clearance certificate
  • Certificate of Professional Good Standing
  • Resume & Passport copy

Learn about the experience from other expat nurses in germany:



  • A1,A2,B1,B2 course
  • Work contract from reputed Hospitals
  • Free accommodation for one month in Germany
  • Flight Ticket refund up to – 250 Euro
  • Medical health insurance assistance
  • Local German bank account assistance
  • City registration assistance in Germany
  • Heath and travel insurance facilitation
  • Visa appointment
  • Visa extension in Foreigners office in Germany
  • Visa interview assistance
  • Airport Reception/pickup



Program Application Timeline

A1, A2, B1Online Language Course   from Any country   : 6 months

Visa processing                                                               : 2 months

Landing In Germany and starting Job                              : 1 months

Getting Registered Nurses License                                  : 2nd Year

Getting German Permanent Residence                            : 4th Year


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