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Geriatric Nurse Training Program

About the Program


As a geriatric nurse you will care for and support elderly people who need help with their daily routines and in everyday life. In addition, you will ensure basic medical care.

Program content

At a school for nursing care, trainees acquire comprehensive knowledge in order to prepare them for their job of caring for the elderly. This includes knowledge about healthcare and living in old age, the ability to reliably assess a patient’s health status and first aid. At a later stage, trainees also learn the fundamentals of mental care and providing patients with their medication. In addition, they get to apply this knowledge in practice; this involves caring for elderly patients but also giving advice to relatives.


Special requirements

As a geriatric nurse (Caregiver) you will have to take care of quite a number of elderly people. Therefore, you should have a good memory and be flexible. Nursing requires empathy so that you can understand and respond to the needs and concerns of the people you look after. As you will be dealing with people most of the time, your German language skills need to be particularly good for this job.

Places of study:

Geriatric nursing trainees attend theory classes at a school for nursing, while practical training takes place at a home for the elderly or in a hospital.


Full-time program 3 years


Home care nursing

Nursing homes or hospitals

Your job prospect after completion:

Employment in a hospital, in a geriatric care center, home care nursing, or in nursing homes for the elderly specializing as home care nurse, trauma nurse, geriatric care advisor, or nursing home manager


Income Potential

Stipend under Geriatric care program


First year 1,011 Euro/month
Second Year 1,072 Euro/ month
Third Year 1,173 Euro/  month
Total 39,072 Euro in (3) years


Our Package Includes

  • Admission to Language course (A1, A2, B1, B2,C1)
  • Program administration
  • Admission to Geriatric Nurse program
  • Blocked account opening support
  • Visa interview preparation and document preparation
  • First time Visa appointment
  • Health Insurance assistance
  • Blocked account assistance and Checklist while preparing to leave for Germany
  • On arrival first step support
  • Accommodation reservation in Germany
  • City registration assistance
  • Visa extension support


Fee structure

Language Fees  A1, A2,B1,B2,C1

Qualification : B2 pass and C1 training only

Euro 6,000.00
Application and Administration fees Euro 500.00
Admission to   Geriatric Nurse program Euro  2,500.00
Representation fees Euro4,100.00
Total fees Euro13,100.00



Payment structure:

First installment

(Registration+A1+A2 Language Course)

Euro   6,500
Second installment

(B1, B2, C1 Language Course)

Within 60 days after payment of first installment

Euro   6,600
Blocked account-After second installment Euro 10,250


Program Application Timeline

A1 and A2 4 months
Visa processing 2 months
B1, B2, C1 8-10 months (Germany)
Geriatric Program 3 years full time
Stay back 18months

Pathway to German Permanent Residence